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Khadi A Canvas

SANTATI - Then. Now. Next.
NGMA, Mumbai

A humble homage to celebrate the Mahatma Gandhiji's 150th birthday celebrations as The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation in association with Lavina Baldota of the Abheraj Baldota Foundation and designer Gaurang Shah weave a collection of sarees on khadi featuring some of Raja Ravi Varma's popular works. This collection is part of Santati, a group exhibition of eight artists which was launched on October 1, 2019.

Raja Ravi Varma: His Mythological Perspectives

Bangalore International Center, Bangalore


Launch of Khadi A Canvas

Foundation Office

A short documentary on how iconic paintings of Raja Ravi Varma have been recreated on a canvas of Khadi.

The Hidden Truth: Raja Ravi Varma - The Inside Story

Foundation Office


Beyond the Arch

Foundation Office

Raja Ravi Varma's journey from Killimanoor to the world Beyond!

Lithographs, Prints and Reproductions

You can access all the stories related to each painting / lithographs / prints and reproductions from our google arts and culture page listed below:

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