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Mohini - The Temptress

An interpretation by Prof. Vasudha Narayanan

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It was an evening to remember, wrapped in mythology, Hindu iconography and religion. Prof. Vasudha Narayan’s extensive study and research in the field of visual and expressive cultures of Hindu traditions in India, Cambodia and America came as a boon for the guests in her interpretation of Mohini, The Temptress.

It is common knowledge that Mohini, the ethereal, beautiful avatar of Vishnu appeared in the form to end the tyranny of Bhasmasura, the asura king, who had been given indestructible powers by Shiva.

What Prof. Vasudha sought to convey in her insightful and delightful talk was how Mohini is perceived across cultures vis-à-vis referencing Indian mythology, particularly with relevance to the stunning paintings on the subject created by Raja Ravi Varma.

She used the master artist’s paintings as reference to explain stories and facts of relevance to the female avatar of Lord Vishnu.

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