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Sita - A monodrama by Anjana Chandak

Bihar Museum, Patna

To commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of Raja Ravi Varma, the Foundation partnered with the Bihar Museum, Patna in its endeavour to promote the legacy of one of India’s greatest artists.

The Foundation’s collaboration with top museums and institutions of the kind has been an upswing and as part of the 175th anniversary celebrations, the Foundation organised a monodrama performance in Patna.

Sita, which is the fourth narrative of the five-part Panchakanya series, is a monodrama performed by Anjana Chandak. The venue, the audience and everything about the performance was new and, simply put, the 200-odd who filled up the venue, were treated to a spectacular performance.

The Foundation is grateful for the support of Anjani Kumar Singh, Director General, Bihar Museum, Patna, Dr Vishi Upadhyay, Assistant Curator Collection, Bihar Museum, and the rest of the team for the partnership.

Gitanjali Maini, CEO and Manging Trustee of the Foundation dwelt on the Foundation’s activities, its core goals, and objectives. Anjana’s monodrama was outstanding, and the audience were captivated by the performance.

Additionally, the Foundation has shared some of its assets with the Bihar Museum as part of the exhibition titled “Kesh Kala” The Art of Hair in India, which is on from May 2-30, 2023.

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